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Massage is not just luxury, it's a way to a happier, healthier life!

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Massage is perhaps one of the oldest known traditions of wellness. Many ancient cultures, including the Ancient Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians, were so convinced of the therapeutic benefits, they utilised massage to treat a variety of ailments.


At the very least a restorative massage enables a space of relaxation in a busy life, but more importantly assists and supports a variety of physical and mental issues and includes the following benefits:

Reducing muscle tension

Stimulation of the lymphatic system 

Increased joint mobility & flexibility

Improved skin tone

Improved circulation

Reducing stress hormones

Improving the recovery from soft tissue injuries

and much more.

The deeper massage applications for our Sports Massage will provide greater benefits for those involved in fitness, sports or athletics, those with more active lifestyle, or the many of us working in desk jobs suffering from muscular pain in the shoulders and back.

Professional sports players will find a pre-training massage helps to improve performance in addition to reducing injury.

Massage sessions last from 30 minutes to one hour, starting from £30 and taster sessions from £20.

Featured Solutions...

Sports massage on leg

Sports Massage

Sports massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit those engaged in regular physical activity, whether that be sports or an active

The application of sports massage, prior to and after exercise, may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

As an experienced sports coach, our dedicated Sports Massage Therapist is available to help you get the most from your fitness and active lifestyle 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones Massage

With benefits including reducing stress & anxiety, improving sleep and boosting the immune system, this is a wonderfully relaxing and restorative treatment. 


Using hot stones bathed in body oil, this massage is worked deep into the muscles, to relieve tension.

"Please grant me coffee to change the things I can and massage to accept the things I can't"

Massage Therapy Proverb

Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Also known as Champissage, this treatment focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, and shoulders, providing some amazing benefits inc., improvement of hair and scalp conditions, helping prevent headaches & migraines, renewing energy levels, reducing symptoms of anxiety & depression and boosting memory capabilities.

Be warned... This treatment can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles,  encouraging longer, stronger and shiny hair!

More Massage Solutions...

Full Body Massage

A popular pressure massage that focuses on the build-up of stress and muscle tension in all areas of the body. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

A sought after pressure massage that focuses on the build-up of stress and muscle tension in all areas around the neck, shoulders and across the back.

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